So I was really hoping to have a “proper” blog post out by tonight, but as the time is passing rather quickly, it looks like tomorrow night is more likely. My goal is to have at least one entry per week from now on, and there is quite a lot in the mix! Why is it that I either have no ideas or too many?! It’s equally inhibiting!

If you’ve looked at all at my blog before, you’ll know that my main focus is on fiction writing. Blogging is kind of like an exercise for me: it gets the creative juices flowing, it gets me accustomed to writing and editing, and it helps me to improve my written communication skills. (After all, who wants to read a story about a character who never emotes?) That being said, blogging is also rather fun, and I’m touched by those of you who have deigned to follow me! So thank you! I’m honored for this chance to harass you via e-mail. I’ll do my best to keep your inbox flooded with my asinine ramblings.

Right now, something has finally come together for my “serious” writing project. A recent walk in the wetlands has inspired the perfect setting for a fairy tale I started writing over three years ago. (Yes, I’m writing a fairy tale; no, it’s not a children’s fairy tale. Think Brothers Grimm meets Alice in Wonderland, with the Greek Persephone as the heroine. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m doing a lot of research right now to make it as interesting and authentic as possible, so don’t laugh at me just yet. Or do. I don’t really care.) I feel like I have to write as much as I can on that tonight, while the ideas are still fresh.

Starting tomorrow night, however, I will begin posting a series of entries on kindness. If that strikes your fancy, check back tomorrow! Until then, night night write write.


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